A Career at Smucker

Employee Development — Committed To Each Other

Smucker has a unique culture where every employee makes a difference. Since our founding in 1897, we have always embraced a commitment to continuous improvement.

Our Commitment to Each Other and Basic Beliefs are the foundation for how we think about and support our employees. We do this by supporting and challenging our employees to increase their knowledge, skills and capabilities through all phases of their careers, which fosters an environment of growth for our People and our Company.

Training and performance programs are created with the different roles and career paths of our employees in mind. Employees begin their journey learning about our Company’s storied 120-history with Why We Are, Who We Are, and continues with a customized set of trainings, videos, and eModules specific to their responsibilities – from technician skill building to people management development. Our best-in-class Discovering the Art of Leadership series was developed in collaboration with Case Western Reserve University and provides our people managers the skills they need to lead teams and grow and develop our employees.

Our performance programs – including Objective Setting and Mid-Year and Year-End Performance reviews provides employees and their managers the opportunity to set time aside to discuss Company priorities and strategic initiatives and how what they do each day can make a difference.