Our Coffee Brands

More Americans start their day with a cup of coffee at home from a Smucker coffee brand than any other company. With iconic and emerging brands–like Folgers®Dunkin’ ® and Café Bustelo® –it’s no surprise we continue to lead the U.S. at-home retail coffee category. We offer products to meet consumers evolving taste preferences, increasingly for darker, premium roasts; and convenience needs, including one-cup and ready-to-drink solutions.

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Quality in Every Single Cup

America’s love affair with coffee shows no signs of slowing. Today, we’re innovating and evolving our brands to satisfy coffee drinkers' quest for the perfect cup, serving up more convenient options and richer, darker roasts.

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Café Bustelo®
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Café Pilon®
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Medaglia D’Oro®

Our Coffee Expertise 

We are proud to maintain a commitment to delivering the highest quality in every cup. To realize this, we are proud to have established expertise across the coffee supply chain – from our relationships with coffee growers and our extensive quality processes at our roasting facilities to our commitment to continue to deliver innovative blends for consumers to enjoy.

Sourcing the Highest Quality

Coffee sourcing is truly a global business. In fact, we are sourcing from nearly two dozen countries at any given time.

We have established superior knowledge in coffee buying to help us deliver on consumers’ needs economically and are also mindful of the needs of providers. This commitment includes having employees located within major coffee producing regions to help ensure the relationships and transparency needed to deliver on our promise.

Delivering a Delicious Cup of Coffee

The process of delivering the unique flavors derived from the different geographies coffee beans are sourced from takes time, diligence and passion. We take great pride in crafting delicious roasts and varieties for coffee lovers of all tastes. And that commitment is maintained at each stage of the process.

  • Talented coffee cuppers, who have spent years refining their senses, identify trace elements of taste and country of origin in a single sip to help ensure consistency and quality.
  • In our coffee manufacturing facilities in New Orleans we have more than 650 employees devoted to delivering Americans’ favorite morning beverage. This includes roasting our brands to a taste profile to ensure every cup has the flavor consumers expect and look forward to each morning.
  • Experienced formulation professionals develop flavor combinations that bring exciting new tastes to the category.