Our Pet Food and Pet Snacks Brands

Over the years, we've made significant investments to help pet families find the right products for their cats and dogs. Today, the Smucker pet portfolio features trusted brands to meet the nutritional needs of pets and the preferences of their loving pet parents, including Milk-Bone® dog snacks and Meow Mix® cat food.

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Dishing Up Health and Happiness

We know pet parents are looking for high-quality products that nourish their four-legged friends physically and emotionally, so we're proud to offer dog snacks and cat food they trust.

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Meow Mix®
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Milo's Kitchen®
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Taking a Holistic Approach to Pet Health 

At The J.M. Smucker Co., we know how important your pets are, because we feel the same way about our own cats and dogs. That's why our team of experts believes in creating delicious pet foods and pet snacks that also provide the nutritional value needed.

Pet Wellness Experts

Our dedicated animal nutritionists work with food scientists to carefully select ingredients and craft recipes. Nutrition, taste, texture–everything is taken into consideration for optimal health and enjoyment. In addition, we also have licensed veterinarians on staff to maintain our rigorous standards for safety and quality and help analyze the performance of our pet products.

Staying at the forefront of animal science, our pet experts are constantly exploring new methodologies through trusted relationships with peers, industry associations and third-party quality assurance organizations. We take tremendous pride in the trust pet parents place in us and are committed to ensuring our furry friends' needs are met.