Responsible Marketing Commitments

The ways we communicate our product and brand value to the public need to align with our values and ethics. We are careful to follow responsible guidelines in all marketing, and especially in specific areas that may be sensitive. When it comes to our content, target audience and advertising placement, we adhere to industry standards as well as our own guiding principles. 

Thoughtfully Select Talent

The individuals and pets featured in our marketing should reflect the diversity of our consumer base. We strive to show a diverse range of consumers and pets in our marketing, so our brand communications feature—and appeal to—the individuals and pets for whom the products are most relevant. We feature people in a way that avoids reinforcing limiting or derogatory stereotypes, offering positive role models instead.

As part of our commitment to responsible and ethical marketing that is inclusive of all audiences, we are a proud member of the Association of National Advertiser (ANA) SeeHer movement. This important initiative is committed to ensuring that marketing presents women as diverse, authentic and strong individuals.

Substantiate All Claims

We know discerning between fact and fiction can be challenging when it comes to claims. If our marketing includes a claim of higher quality, health benefits or improved taste, our legal and regulatory teams examine it to make sure the claim complies with all applicable laws.

Partner with High Standards

We seek to partner with companies, brands and individuals that reflect the high character of our own brands and Company. Smucker will not partner with brands or individuals that engage in hateful or divisive speech; stereotypes; discrimination; depictions of violence or animal cruelty; or depictions or suggestions of sexual behavior, gambling, or substance abuse. Nor will we ever include content of these types in our own marketing efforts.

Not Marketing to Children

While a school menu board or vending machine may include a Smucker product, such as Smucker’s® Uncrustables® sandwiches, we do not use persuasive marketing such as decals or posters, or sell products with caffeine, in a K-12 school environment. Outside of schools, Smucker does not place marketing messages in any media channel primarily oriented toward viewers age 13 and younger. Additionally, we do not collect personal data or user-generated content from children age 13 or younger.