Work With Us

Our people are our most important ingredient. We hire passionate individuals in a range of job fields, who are serious about sharpening their skills and expanding their capabilities through an exciting and meaningful career at Smucker. What kind of role is right for you?

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Research and Development

The voice of our consumers, these professionals not only have an in-depth understanding of what families want and need, but a relentless passion to drive our Company forward. Experts in a variety of fields from food science to product packaging–their consumer insights are instrumental in powering our purposeful innovations.

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Product Development and Innovation

Meeting the evolving needs of consumers and pets is the charge of our culinary and nutrition experts. Innately curious with a desire to create, these individuals collaborate Company-wide to bring innovative solutions, including new tastes and forms, to market.

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Sales and Marketing

Helping to build some of America's most iconic consumer and pet food brands are our experienced sales and marketing minds. Using insights to create actionable plans, their talents can be seen in memorable product positioning, effective brand sales strategies and continued channel growth.

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Operations and Engineering

From ensuring the quality and safety of Smucker products to optimizing manufacturing performance for efficiency and cost savings, these individuals play an integral role in making sure we continue to deliver the brands people love.

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Information Services

Whether it's using machine learning to optimize the supply chain or enhancing everyday internal IT operations, information specialists are essential to our success. System administrators, data analysts, developers and more embody our spirit of continuous improvement and empower all teams to do their best.

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Ensuring fiscal responsibility is a critical element of our long-term success–one driven by careful budget reviews, thorough risk assessments and ongoing internal and partner audits. As we have expanded our portfolio, the due diligence of our Finance and Accounting teams has been essential in our ability to generate fuel for continued growth.

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Human Resources and Communications

This talented team of professionals takes great pride in preserving and strengthening the Smucker culture. Their efforts to attract, retain and engage top employees, while sharing our iconic story, play an important role in upholding the Company’s visions and values for generations to come.

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Legal, Regulatory and Governance

A growing department at Smucker–keeping pace with the Company's expansion into new business areas–this team provides legal counsel on a range of matters, ensures alignment with appropriate regulations across our supply chain and develops essential relationships to promote the interests of our brands and industry.