Living Our Values

Our Basic Beliefs are the foundation for everything we do as an organization. They serve as guideposts for decision-making and how we interact with colleagues and our partners.

As we have grown, we have remained unwavering in our commitment to these values but also recognize how we are called to act upon them must evolve as the world around us does. In this spirit, we have introduced an evolution of our Basic Beliefs, building from the original Basic Beliefs, to ensure they are as actionable as possible to help our employees continue to bring our unique culture to life.

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Be Bold

As the business environment evolves, we must Be Bold to maintain our competitive edge and continue to grow great brands. Being Bold is the willingness to challenge the status quo. It’s having the courage to take risks and use divergent thinking to find innovative, creative solutions to our business challenges.  

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Be Kind

Our Commitment to Each Other demonstrates who we are at our core – a “we before me” team. To us, being kind is valuing people and building relationships through trust, authenticity and fairness.

And, it’s supporting the growth of others and our Company through sincere, candid feedback. 

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Do The Right Thing

Doing the right thing, and doing  things right, has always been foundational to the way we do business. We expect each other to act with integrity and impeccable ethics and we demand the same of our business partners. From the health and safety of our people to the quality of our products, we hold each other to the highest possible standards.

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Simply put, winning is fun, particularly when we succeed as a team. We win when we're collaborative  internally and competitive externally.

We win when we celebrate our successes and learn from our failures. Winning takes unrelenting focus, superior execution, continuous improvement and unshakable passion for our Company’s growth and continued independence.

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Thrive Together 

We thrive together by investing in our people, our business and our future, and by building a community that is welcoming, diverse, inclusive and equitable. Our decisions are driven by a deep respect for each other, the communities in which we work and live, and our planet. 

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Retaining Our Values By Evolving Our Culture

Chair of the Board, President and CEO, Mark Smucker, discusses how our history of continuous evolution has offered inspiration and positioned us for continued success.