A Workplace For All 

To realize success as a Company, it is essential we cultivate an inclusive environment and establish a diverse organization. We believe this not only strengthens our Company, it enables every employee to reach their full potential.

Establishing Our Expectations

An inclusive workplace is one where all feel welcomed and supported, where our differences are celebrated and individuality is appreciated.

It's one where we are focused on improving the diversity of our workforce to enhance the diversity of talent supporting our business.

Ensuring equity among our workforce reflects our commitment to supporting marginalized and under-represented groups by providing tools, resources and opportunities.  

A Continued Journey

Our Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (ID&E) vision is to foster an inclusive culture built on a foundation of mutual respect​ while building and growing a diverse workforce that reflects our consumers and society​.

We have shared that reaching our ID&E vision will be a journey, and we have taken some important steps. The continued dedication and commitment from our board of directors, leadership and employees has propelled us forward.

  • The naming convention of our approach to ID&E speaks to the intentionality of starting our journey with a focus on inclusion.
  • This allowed us to listen and learn – with a commitment to better understand the needs and expectations of our employees and how we could improve.
  • It continued with education and engagement – from coordinating unconscious bias training to more regular conversations to create meaningful understanding and connections.
  • Last year we took another important step in promoting empathy and allyship by expanding our Advocate Alliance and introducing our initial Employee Resource Groups.

Empowering Our People To Bring Their Whole Selves to Work

Our pathway to success has always and will always start with our people. We are dedicated to ensuring our employees feel welcomed, valued and emboldened to reach their full potential. We believe that creating an environment where our employees feel confident in bringing their whole and authentic selves to work is critical to realizing this. 

An important milestone in this work was the establishment of our Advocate Alliance and initial Employee Resource Groups.

Our Advocate Alliance group is a passionate network of employees championing inclusion, diversity and equity efforts across all of our corporate and operations facilities. The group, open to all employees, participated in learning sessions, guided conversations and break out groups to discuss ID&E topics and personal experiences. 

Our Employee Resource Groups have played a huge role in enhancing our culture and making us a stronger Company. The groups not only provide support and instill a sense of community to members, they also foster greater understanding, empathy and allyship across our organization.  

We are proud of the important work these groups have put forward and excited by the opportunities for them to encourage further growth for our Company. 

Celebrating Our Employee Resource Groups

Armed Forces Veterans and Allies

Community of Asians, Pacific Islanders and Allies

Black Leadership and Ally Council

Greater Resources and Opportunities for Women

Pride Alliance


Charting Our Path Forward

We are proud of the progress we have made, but we have significant work ahead. To meet our goals, we must establish meaningful, quantitative aspirations to guide our work. With this in mind, we are sharing our updated ID&E aspirations, which we have developed in collaboration with leadership and with guidance from external research and best practices.

Enhance Workplace Diversity

  • Aspire to double the representation of People of Color within our U.S. salaried employee community by 2027
  • Aspire to increase women at all senior levels within our U.S. salaried employee community to 45% by 2027
  • Fully implement new talent acquisition philosophies and practices in all U.S. salaried functions by the end of FY23
  • Complete foundational work across other key demographics to establish baselines to inform future quantitative growth aspirations

Increase Equity Through Expanded Opportunities

  • Evaluate and evolve practices, including lateral assignments and promotions, to support equitable opportunities

Foster an Inclusive Workplace 

  • Establish measurable expectations for participation in select ERG-sponsored events and education
  • Develop integrated strategy, aspirations and prioritized initiatives across Employee Resource Groups



 Group panel discussion

Conversations That Elevate: Black Leadership and Ally Council 

One of the most empowering things our Employee Resource Groups have brought to our organization is the encouragement of honest, open conversations on important topics. Recently, leadership of BLAC (Black Leadership and Ally Council) Candice Monroe, Rashadd Humes, Ashley Martinez and the group's executive sponsor, John Brase, discussed the importance of cultivating an environment that attracts and supports black talent.