Working at Smucker

A Career at Smucker

Work Environment

We seek to create a warm, welcoming environment that facilitates open communication and interaction. Our facilities provide a sense of community where people will be proud to gather, work, and learn from one another. We will achieve our vision by focusing on preserving our culture, limiting our environmental impact, and being socially responsible.

At Smucker, our work environment vision is centered on the idea of facilitating communication, community, and culture. We know open and direct communication with and between our employees strengthens Relationships and our Ability to Implement. Transparent communication builds trust, and we make communication a priority with all employees and at all levels of the organization.

Relationship building is further supported through day-to-day interactions and the practice of “Management by Walking Around” wherever practical. At Smucker, a face-to-face conversation is always preferable to relying solely on a report or an email.

We are intentional about referring to both diversity and inclusion. We believe that an inclusive environment and diverse organization strengthens our Company and enables every employee to reach their full potential. We also believe that diversity and inclusion lead to better business results.

Our approach to addressing business opportunities and challenges is inclusive and drives us to seek a wide range of perspectives and differing viewpoints. When faced with business opportunities and challenges, we encourage our organization to ask, “What do you think?”

Our EEO Policy