Employee Development

A Career at Smucker

Employee Development — A Culture of Growth

At Smucker, our People and Growth Basic Beliefs are the foundation of how we think about and support employees’ careers. We have a long—held philosophy of hiring people for a career, not just an individual job.

We know that no two people — or careers — are the same. There is no single career path. Every individual brings a unique combination of education, experiences, skills, career interests, and passions to the Company. We support employees by creating an environment where growth of the Company and every individual is encouraged and developed.

We believe that growth can be achieved in a variety of ways. This includes growth in a current role, advancement opportunities to assume greater responsibility, and lateral moves to broaden experiences and perspectives. This gives our employees opportunities to explore new areas of the Company and gain valuable, diverse experiences.

We have had — and will continue to embrace — a commitment to continuing to get better each and every day. Through formal training, on-the-job experiences, industry involvement, and personal self-development, we challenge our employees to increase their knowledge, skills, and capabilities.

Our employee development initiatives focus on culture, leadership, people management, general business skills, and problem solving and decision making.