Frequently Asked Questions - Policies and Practices

Policies and Practices

  • What is your position on biotechnology/genetically modified ingredients?

    The J.M. Smucker Company is as committed today to ensuring the quality of our products as our founder Jerome Monroe Smucker was more than 115 years ago when he placed his signature on every jar as his personal guarantee of quality. As such, our products are manufactured using strict quality control procedures that meet or exceed applicable government and industry standards.

    We recognize and respect that consumers appreciate a variety of product options. Therefore, we seek to provide numerous organic options in our product categories, for consumers that prefer products made without ingredients from, or farming methods using, GMOs.

    We have extensive experience with the development of organic standards and the benefits garnered by federal labeling regulations for the organic industry and consumers. We strongly believe any GMO labeling should be addressed at the federal level, as was done with organic standards, and oppose state and local legislation efforts that would result in inconsistent labeling requirements causing significant complexities with compliance.

    A patchwork of state and local GMO legislation will create undue costs and burdens for the food industry and, ultimately, higher costs for consumers. We know from our previous experience with organic labeling that there will be a greater benefit to all constituents through the implementation of consistent federal standards regulating GMO labeling.

    We recognize that our consumers want information about our products – including GMOs – so consumer communication has always been, and continues to be, of great importance to our Company. We provide information in a variety of ways including direct communications with consumers via our consumer communications center, detailed product information on our websites, interactions with consumers through social media, and by providing consistent information on our product labels.

    As always, Smucker remains committed to manufacturing the high quality and safe products you have come to expect from our Company.

  • Does Smucker publish an annual report on its lobbying and advocacy expenditures?

    Yes. To read our 2016 Annual Report of Lobbying and Advocacy Expenditures, click here.

  • How does Smucker ensure it is responsibly sourcing its ingredients?

    The J.M. Smucker Company is committed to conducting business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, and we expect our suppliers to comply with our high ethical standards. To read our Responsible Sourcing Practices, click here.

    Our Responsible Sourcing Practices are also available in Chinese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Vietnamese. To request a translated version, please email us at