Responsible Sourcing for All

We purchase ingredients and other necessary goods from around the globe. To ensure our principles are applied across all sourcing, we are diligent about constantly evaluating our actions and those we do business with.

Transparency in the Supply Chain

Our relationships with suppliers are particularly important, given that they directly impact our ability to meet the product quality expectations of our consumers and customers. We expect every supplier to meet our high standards around social, labor and environmental regulations and conduct its business with honesty, fairness and ethics. This includes upholding our commitment to the humane treatment of animals.

Global Supplier Code of Conduct

Clearly outlining these expectations is our Global Supplier Code of Conduct–a shared commitment to "Doing Things Right." It emphasizes our commitment to protecting the working rights and safety of the people who work with our Company or supply our Company with goods and services, while recognizing the cultural and legal differences found throughout the world.

The Global Supplier Code requires direct suppliers to contractually agree not to employ children, prison labor, indentured or bonded labor, or to participate in human trafficking. In addition to quality audits as part of our supply chain assessment, we use third party firms to perform scheduled social compliance audits and look for any evidence of human rights violations in targeted suppliers’ facilities.

Our Global Responsible Sourcing Program

In addition to providing clarity on our expectations, we have an established process for evaluating supplier practices to ensure they are maintaining our standards and to determine areas that require further scrutiny and possible remediation. Our Global Responsible Sourcing Program:

  • Ensures all Smucker products are produced ethically and in accordance with local laws and standards;
  • Empowers the workers of our supply chain with the management of social, ethical and environmental impacts in their communities;
  • Protects our business and brand reputation, and mitigates risk for our customers by implementing effective and proactive supply chain risk management systems; and
  • Creates a competitive advantage by building capacity for our suppliers so they can meet our responsible sourcing standards and expectations.

Ingredients We Can All Feel Good About

We have established a strategy for ensuring our raw food ingredients are safely, sustainably and ethically sourced. In addition, we are also committed to supporting the communities where our ingredients are grown. Choose an ingredient to explore some of our efforts.

Green Coffee
Black Pepper
Palm Oil

Ensuring Compliance in an Ever-Changing Regulatory Environment

As regulatory and business environments continue to evolve, we are diligent in maintaining oversight of updates related to responsible sourcing. This includes regularly informing suppliers of changes and monitoring their processes to confirm compliance and identify opportunities for improvement to uphold our commitment to a responsible supply chain.

In addition to our regular internal processes, we are also active participants in leading organizations that promote responsible sourcing across categories, including The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), which has established a Global Social Compliance Program; Field to Market, which unites the agricultural supply chain and key stakeholders around a common sustainability framework to drive continuous improvement in the sustainability of U.S. agriculture; and the Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops (SISC), which provides critical tools for measuring sustainable performance across the specialty crops supply chain.