Company Executives

Corporate Governance

Elected Officers

  • Mark T. Smucker
    President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Richard K. Smucker
    Executive Chairman
  • Mark R. Belgya
    Vice Chair and Chief Financial Officer
  • J. Randal Day
    Senior Vice President, Operations
  • Robert D. Ferguson
    Senior Vice President, Supply Chain
  • Tina Floyd
    Senior Vice President and General Manager, Consumer Foods
  • Amy Held
    Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy, M&A, and International
  • Kevin G. Jackson
    Senior Vice President, U.S. Retail Sales and Away From Home
  • Jeannette L. Knudsen
    Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
  • David J. Lemmon
    President, Pet Food and Pet Snacks
  • Jill R. Penrose
    Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Corporate Communications
  • Geoff E. Tanner
    Senior Vice President, Growth and Consumer Engagement
  • Julia L. Sabin
    Vice President, Government Relations and Corporate Sustainability
  • Joseph Stanziano
    Senior Vice President and General Manager, Coffee